Which Picks Do The Trick?

In general, it is best to have your rug or carpet cleaned between 12 and 18 months, particularly if it is set someplace with lots of foot traffic. Cleaning will not only make it smell and look nice, but it will also help the whole thing last longer! Cleaner Sussex knows how having a great-looking floor space contributes to an ideal internal environment, which will benefit and warmly welcome your guests, loved ones, employees, clients or business partners. That is why our services are the most reliable and value-for-money options available.

We understand your concerns towards the money needed in hiring us. We are also aware of those products you can find at your local store to consider for self-done cleaning. However, before we get on with why cheaper isn’t necessarily better, in the long run, let’s discuss the different stain removal types.

1. Professional Cleaning Solutions

As reported in a Daily Mail article by Sean Poulter in 2009, a study from Which? Yielded some interesting findings on professionally made cleaning products. The majority of the 17 tested sprays or preparations performed poorly compared to reputable washing-up liquids. In the bottom of the ranks was a 355-millimetre bottle of Bissell Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, valued at 6.70 pounds. Its scores were 2/5 and 3/5 for dry stains and fresh stains, respectively. This product did not just lack cleaning ability but also, surplus amounts of it could ruin darker coloured fabrics.

2. Washing-up Liquids

In contrast, Which? made it clear that washing-up liquids cleaned stains better than even specialist products that were over eight times their value! Researchers discovered that water combined with soap from a bottle of Morning Fresh (priced £0.78) was just as or even more efficient than 13 of the 17 products. A 500-millimetre bottle of washing-up liquid got a 4/5 score for both dry and fresh stains.

3. NCCA-endorsed Homemade Solutions

Meanwhile, the National Carpet Cleaners Association listed down the following recommended solutions that were each suitable for particular kinds of stain:

a. Detergent Solution
– Made of a half-pint of warm water mixed with a single teaspoonful of woollen-washing detergent
– Good on milk, soft drinks, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, egg, glue, blood and vomit
– Followed by an application of Ammonia Solution, which consists of a teaspoonful of branded household Ammonia diluted in a cup of warm water

b. Detergent Vinegar Solution
– Detergent Solution with an additional teaspoonful of white non-malt vinegar
– Effective on urine, liquid foods, tea, coffee and alcohol
– Blotting that follows has to be repeatedly done

c. Dry Cleaning Solution
– Contains Surgical Spirit, available from a local Chemist
– Perfect for stains caused by shoe polish, ointment, oil, tar, fats, solids and chewing gum
– Followed by an application of Detergent Vinegar Solution

Nevertheless, the actual cleaning process is not a straightforward task, as several factors come into play. If you are inexperienced, you will have to play it safe and at first test a small bit of the stain. It is crucial that you stick to blotting and never scrub or rub. It is about applying the substance on the absorbent cloth or towel and not straight onto the fabric. Blot drying is also necessary once the solution settles on the stain. You will have to follow it up by carefully using a hair dryer with mild heat. Moreover, of course, any excess of the staining material must be scraped off initially.

All in all, cleaning out a stain can be quite tedious, especially for older or more widespread stains. While you may find the solutions above economic, bear in mind the risks. You will not be guaranteed a 100% desired result. Without the right knowledge or machine, chances are you will end up with a rug or carpet that’s only adequately clean. The stain might remain somewhat visible or worse; the fabric might get discoloured or soiled by substance residue. That last thing you will want is to spend more money and time on further cleaning or buying a replacement!

With Cleaner Sussex, you will be assured of fully competent and experienced cleaners that work while minimising the risks of fabric damage, shrinkage or colour transfer. We will provide the most dependable equipment and cleaning chemicals to get your rug or carpet squeaky-clean. For high-quality floor maintenance, Cleaner Sussex is the way to go!