How Cleaner Sussex Will Make It All Easier

These days, Cleaner Sussex continues to both deliver squeaky-clean results and impress more property landlords, home owners and tenants. For those who’ve yet to try out our services, we would like to encourage you further for the following reasons (which fittingly spell out our company name) listed below:

C – Competent Crew
We have a cleaning staff complete with well-experienced and licensed professionals. They have all undergone professional training before being hired. They give utmost importance to your time and adhere well to schedules and deadlines.

L – Landscaping Maintenance
Our technicians can also handle all the details extending beyond the inside of your property. They will deal with the landscape maintenance necessary as well as any stains or splatters found in your garage or along your driveway.

E – Effective Products
Our services make use of only modern and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, agents and machines are available. Our moving equipment is specialised and designed to take on different challenges faced for each property.

A – Attention to Detail
Quality is the number-one goal whenever we clean. That is why we do not tolerate cut corners or loose ends throughout any service. Every speck of dust or smudge on the floor matters to us.

N – Nice and Neat Carpet
One way of impressing your guests (or clients if we are talking about an office) is by having them walk along a carpet that smells fresh and looks good. We proudly have the most state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment to make that happen. We will deal with any carpet issues in restaurants, nursing homes or other workspaces with sizeable foot traffic.

E – Expert Methods
Because of our experience and expertise, the chances of encountering problems like carpet tears or tarnishes on tiled walls are a near zero. Our cleaning services will most certainly leave nothing but sparkles behind.

R – Respect for Property
While we are working, we will also ensure proper care towards anything and everything found in your place. You can count on us not to make any excuse for broken glassware or furniture, and we will be ready to compensate if such a case occurs.

S – Stress-free Move-in Stage
Everything you will have to face when moving out is burdensome enough! We want your stress to be kept to a minimum once you have moved into your brand new and tidied up the place. We only want you to think about unpacking and deciding where each item goes. We want that to be your favourite part of the day.

U – Unhindered Working Environment
You can rely on us whether you are leasing a new office space or moving into one. It has been proven that a clean office leads to both more productivity and fewer instances of employees getting sick. So shouldn’t that be a top priority before the company’s moving day? Allow the sense of a fresh start to be both seen and felt by the whole team.

S – Safety at All Times
If you are scheduling a couple of working days for office maintenance, you will not have to worry much about hazards. Our vigorously trained and vetted staff, planned to perform the tasks outside of your working hours, ensure that your business premises will stay safe and operational.

S – Services for Different Purposes
Our company does not just excel in cleaning carpets or rugs. We are entirely capable of maintaining tiles, windows, chimneys, air ducts, ceilings, fans, baseboards, kitchens, toilets, garages and other parts of your home or office.

E – Extensive Insurance
Like other forms of manual labour, insurance matters. You will find it costly hiring non-insured workers to clean your place only to end up covering their hospital bills in the event of onsite injuries. Don’t risk it with non-insured or amateur technicians. Cleaner Sussex only sends insured and fully vetted cleaners for any domestic, commercial or regular office cleaning.

X – X Factor
We like to think that if there were a talent show for professional cleaning, we would stick out and get even the Simon Cowell type of judge to stand up applauding us!