How Important is Cleanliness to Your Prospects?

Moving into a new place should symbolise starting a chapter of life anew. If you are leasing or selling a property, you will want to make the tenant feel this way. An individual who’s about to relocate for work or study will want a space that makes them feel welcome, allowing them to make new memories. A family in need of a home will be drawn to a place that’s comfy, safe, clean, and allergen- and pollutant-free. It is the duty of owners or sellers to tidy the whole place up, but they should not depend on their selves. That is why Cleaner Sussex is around.

Hiring a professional cleaning service will do wonders for the exhibition aspect of your property sale. Think about it – won’t any potential homebuyer or renter be enticed by a place that’s been thoroughly dusted, mopped, de-cluttered and de-stained at the time of viewing? They will fancy how they can opt to move in the following week or month and just worry about unpacking. They will appreciate the clean slate you are willing to provide them. They will surely consider your place even more or make a generous offer on the spot.

New research, as reported by Lee Boyce of last October, revealed that “Cleanliness” ranked 2nd/3rd (tied with “Fresh internal paintwork and décor”) among the “most appealing factors” in choosing a new home. Of the 2,000 surveyed buyers from all over the UK – who had either purchased a property in the previous year or were planning to do so within a year – 43% considered cleanliness to be an attractive point. Moreover, while 48% did find “a neat, well-kept garden” appealing, that factor did not concern elements inside the property.

Conversely, when it came to the “biggest turn-offs” named by buyers, “An unkempt garden” landed only on the 6th spot (32%). Half of those surveyed cited “Mould in the bathroom and on windows” as a major turn-off, while 40% cited “Uncleanliness”, which ranked 4th. Apparently, a dirty indoor environment would not push many folks to proceed, despite a nice-looking garden or neighbourhood.

As mentioned in 2013 by Patsy Day of Belvoir, a Bury St Edmunds lettings agency, cleanliness matters in making a real and lasting impression once a tenancy begins. A dirty place upon moving-in day would unlikely encourage someone (who was to stay for about two or three years) to “leave it clean and take the time that they should end the tenancy appropriately”. Day also described how it would benefit the value of one’s place to “make sure all carpets are cleaned, and kitchens and bathrooms are spotlessly shiny”.

To make the best deal leasing or selling a property, prospects must feel the strongest incentives. The most interested want to move in to be far more hassle-free than moving out. They will want to bring over their stuff and go straight to unpacking. They will want all built-in essentials thoroughly cleaned and in check: carpets, rugs, drawers, cabinets, ceiling fans, skirting, refrigerator, stove, oven, and anything else that is within the property. They will want all rooms to be ready for setting up or rearranging. Ultimately, they will want to save as much time and energy as possible when moving in. That should be the most pleasant part of the big day.

As a property landlord or owner, it is best to rely on professionals for the cleaning job. You do not want to end up with a place tidied up with cut corners or wrong methods. You want a top-quality service that is completed in a cost-effective and timely fashion. You want to reassure prospects that a group of professionals has prepared a beautiful indoor space that’s ready to welcome the next occupants. That is why you will need a respectable company with an excellent track record – like Cleaner Sussex. With us, cleaning your space will be in nothing but great hands.