The Disadvantages of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Cleaner Sussex makes up a powerful team of professionals in home and carpet cleaning. We have the expertise, skills and commitment to get your place looking, smelling and feeling like a fresh start. Our company understands if hiring us might seem pricy or unnecessary at first. You might consider cleaning the carpet on your own, but we will tell you why that won’t be a simple affair.

Reason #1: No Professional Equipment

The cleaner you bought or rented and washing-up liquid seem handy, but they only do an adequate job. The truth is different chemicals may be needed against specific types of stain to achieve a 100% effect. Cleaner Sussex only uses well-tested chemicals and top-quality machines for lasting cleanliness.

Reason #2: Wasted Energy and Time

To get a really clean carpet it takes time having to wet, scrub, vacuum and dry up the floor and what you could be doing instead. By the time you finish, you will want to lie down awhile. Hence, most of the day ends up set aside for this not-so-pleasant chore.

Reason #3: Slower Process

Put it this way: professional cleaners work on carpets day in, day out. Your experience and knowledge doesn’t match theirs so naturally, you won’t get to perform tasks or make adjustments as quickly. Time efficiency is part of their job.

Reason #4: Overly Wet Carpets

In reality, most hireable machines cannot extract every ounce of cleaning product off the fabric. Whatever remains eventually makes the rug or carpet soiled. The reason? These relatively old-school machines found at the supermarket aren’t designed with the same technology as those used by professional cleaners. The following are side effects you don’t want to encounter yourself:

a. Bad Odour
This will be quite a nuisance during seasons outside of summertime! A carpet that stays too damp for hours will be prone to smelling musty. To cope, you will have to keep the windows and doors open to allow better air circulation. If that doesn’t dry the carpet within the day, it will be time to call a technician. You won’t like any mould or microbes resurfacing, so professional help will be needed.

b. Browning
Sometimes, inexperienced cleaning causes brownish spots to come out of nowhere and taint the fabric. They occur more on over-wet wool or jute-backed carpets, and the cause is likely soil or past spillage being wicked back up. Again, contacting a technician will come in handy because he will know how to safely remove them.

c. Shrinkage
Over-wetting a carpet, like over-washing a garment, can lead to shrinkage. This is especially probable when the machine hired is either set up incorrectly or lacking power. If the shrinkage is slight, however, the fabric may be stretched back into place without getting damaged.

Reason #5: Accumulated Future Expenses

In the long run, you will realise how much of a false economy taking the DIY route is. That initial amount spent on a cleaner will only be compounded with costs for trial-and-error cleaning solutions, additional tools, alternative machines or even a professional’s fix. Don’t be burdened by it all! Let Cleaner Sussex take charge of doing what we do best – a clean job – while you enjoy some spare time!