10 Info Bits on Homes and Living Rooms

Bit #1: Turning Upholstered Furniture Into Hiding Places

In January 2013, Deni Kirkova of Daily Mail Online reported a study showing that 73% of Brits would typically shove items behind sofas or under cushions to get clutter out of sight (in case somebody might pop in). Are you among them?

Bit #2: Leaving Chores Unaccomplished

The same study revealed that seven out of ten Britons couldn’t find the time to dust furnishings or vacuum the floor every day. Does that apply to you?

Bit #3: Homeowners Not Welcoming Guests

The same study mentioned that over 20% of surveyed people had refused to bring others into their home due to all their mess. Are you guilty of the same?

Bit #4: Sofas Surpassing Other Dirt Spots (Statistically)

As reported in September 2013 by Sarah O’Grady of Daily Express, a family sofa was said to harbour more microorganisms than an average toilet seat, based on a new study. Sofa arms were revealed to be about twelve times as contaminated as toilets and three times dirtier than refrigerator handles! Quite shocking, isn’t it?

Bit #5: Letting Dust Remain All Year

As written in a Mirror Online article published last September, only 27% of 2,000 surveyed people claimed to move aside furniture and large chairs for vacuuming once in a year, normally around Christmas time. Can you relate?

Bit #6: Relying on High Suction Vacuums

The same article revealed Dr. Lisa Ackerley, a University of Salford professor of environmental health, stating that sofas, beds and their surrounding areas would require regular cleaning with a strong vacuum for a more hygienic environment.

Bit #7: The Furniture and Floor Serving as ‘Landing Spots’

You are more exposed to microbes and allergens in the living room than you might think! Mites and germs are drawn to surfaces where dust and other rubbish accumulate (e.g. curtains, rugs, furnishing, bookcases, other shelving). Beware of possible spores, mould, hairs or dust mite debris the area may have. You will need to look beyond the upholstery to weed them all out.

Bit #8: Minimising the Germ Count

Some tips to follow include selecting hard materials like leather, vinyl and wood (to limit furniture-settling allergens), using vertical blinds instead of curtains, keeping cupboards and cabinets closed, washing linens regularly, cleaning windows and walls, removing cobwebs, brushing fly screens and lastly, using wipes or cloths to remove dust particles.

Bit #9: Remembering the Carpet

There is quite a chance that the carpet currently in your living room is harbouring microorganisms like staphylococcus bacteria, which can cause pneumonia or skin infections. Asthma attacks may also occur due to airborne particles being inhaled. To prevent any of these, a professional carpet cleaning service is strongly recommended, and it should take place once every span of one year to 18 months.

Bit #10: Choosing Cleaner Sussex

For a fresh and sparkly living room, Cleaner Sussex has everything needed! From our well-experienced professional staff to our foam-based detergent and specialist equipment (which includes a hot water extraction system), we combat all odours, microbes and discolouration to get your furniture looking as good as new. For us, clean means spotless from head to toe. In every booking, that is our uncompromising goal.