Which Types Are Out There?

Do you have plans for moving into a new place? Does your home at the moment need a makeover? Alternatively, is it simply time for you to replace your carpet?

Cleaners Sussex knows that one key element of an attractive house is a top-quality carpet. The flooring is something to pay special attention to, as everyone who comes over walks on it! Therefore, it is important that you know and understand the differences between the two major types of carpet available in today’s market.

1. Tufted Carpet

As mentioned on the John Lewis website, this type involves “a row of needles punching the pile yarn into a backing cloth”. It is the overwhelmingly popular kind that’s sold all over the UK, and one reason for this is how quick and easy it is to make. Good Housekeeping UK’s site states that tufted carpet undergoes a simpler manufacturing process, in which “all types of yarns with a variety of finishes” can be used. Furthermore, its fibres can be cut, looped or both.

2. Woven Carpet

John Lewis describes this type as “a more premium finish” with all design elements (e.g. colour, pattern) woven in and not printed on the surface. All woven carpets are products of the “traditional loomed method” and are either entirely or primarily made of wool. Because of how labour-intensive the methods in manufacturing them are (which includes simultaneously weaving the front and back sides together), they are naturally pricier yet more exquisite choices.

A woven carpet can be classified either as a Wilton or Axminster, both of which we have described below:


This category has no limits to the variety or combination of colours used in the design. Good Housekeeping UK states how Axminsters are the kind that’s known for having “grand, intricate patterned designs” as well as total durability.


Wilton wovens, on the other hand, use up to a total of only five colours for their design. The name Wilton originated from the loom used for weaving the yarn. Each of these sophisticated carpets has what Good Housekeeping UK calls “a smooth, velvety, woven surface”.

While the average person would find woven carpets costly, one cannot deny the effort and dedication required in completing one. As mentioned in Hopkins Chapter One’s website, seaming can only take place along the sides, and the process itself requires a stitch-by-stitch method. This, in turn, entails the need for more carpet material for proper construction. That is pretty much why wovens are far more luxurious than their tufted counterparts.

Nevertheless, the benefits of woven carpet are very desirable. For one, it will display a pattern with utmost precision. The construction method enables the design to consist of every single strand. Additionally, it is far sturdier in its form than tufted carpet, which means it can also last for a longer time. That will be possible for as long as it is properly cared for and periodically cleaned.

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