Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Bepton

professional carpet cleaning service in Bepton

Good carpet care can extend the life of your carpet and most carpet manufacturers require new carpets to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the warranty.

A good local carpet cleaning specialist will use the hot-water extraction method to clean most areas. They will start with an inspection to assess the condition of the carpet fibres, fittings and joints. The carpet fibre type and condition will decide the cleaning methods to be used.

The cleaning method may also be affected by the amount of dirt that has built up in the carpet. High-traffic areas can become heavily soiled due to foot traffic. Soil particles can become deeply embedded into the carpet along with bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. A thorough deep clean using the hot-water extraction cleaning method with commercial cleaning equipment can remove these particles, pet odours, stains and it lifts the carpet pile, leaving your carpet looking great and smelling fresh.

Cost Of Carpet Cleaning

The cost of having your carpets cleaned in Bepton will vary depending on many factors. The cleaning process, the size of the cleaning area, often quoted by the number of square feet, the cleaning products used, if they have to move furniture if there are stains then stain removal solutions can cost extra, vacuuming and protective coverings all effect the cleaning price.

To keep the cleaning costs as low as possible the customer can reduce the time a job takes by moving furniture out of the room before the cleaners arrive. By thoroughly vacuuming the carpet with a powerful vacuum you can save the cleaners time and therefore money. Not all vacuum cleaners have the same amount of suction, so if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up all surface dirt, the carpet cleaners may still need to use their commercial carpet cleaning machines to do this. Keep pets out of the way if you can.

Cleaning Wool Carpets

Most good quality cleaning services will use a different cleaning solution for wool and other natural fibres. While hot-water extraction is often known as steam cleaning, this is misleading as the cleaning solution looks like steam but is a fine mist of hot water sprayed through a high-pressure valve. That means that cleaning carpet made from wool is perfectly safe using the hot-water extraction method.

Carpet Drying Times

A good carpet cleaner will leave your carpets relatively dry. The drying time after deep cleaning can be reduced with good air flow. Walking on a wet carpet is unpleasant and it also flattens the carpet pile leading to re-soiling. A rapid drying machine and air ventilation can further reduce drying times.

Carpet Cleaner Rental Machines

Residential carpet cleaning systems that you can rent such as the Rug Doctor offer reduced soil removal and an inferior cleaning service. Rental machines leave a residue on the carpet because the extraction method is not as powerful as industrial machines and not all of the cleaning solution can be removed from the carpet. This remaining residue attracts dirt and the carpet will need to be cleaned again after a much shorter period.

Upholstery And Rug Cleaning in Bepton

Professional carpet cleaning companies in Bepton are often specialists at cleaning upholstery and rugs as well as carpets. The same hot-water extraction method can often be used on rugs and upholstery using a hand tool.

To see the amount of dirt removed from your carpets ask to check the recovery tank of the carpet cleaner. You’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt extracted, even from carpets that didn’t look that dirty in the first place.

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