Our Professional Carpet Cleaners

professional carpet cleaning service

All of our carpet cleaning specialists have been fully trained and are insured.

Our carpet cleaning professionals cover most of East Sussex. We also cover a lot of Kent. If your carpet needs cleaning because of muddy feet, pet dirt or even a red wine stain we can help. Our specialist equipment not only leaves carpets looking like new, but they also remove many of irritants that can cause allergic reactions and deep lying dirt that is ingrained into the carpet pile. We also offer a professional upholstery service to clean and improve the appearance of your upholstery.

Quick Drying Carpet Cleaners

The cleaning machines we use help carpets dry quickly, allowing you to walk on them just a few hours after they have been cleaned.

Benefits Of Having Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

We recommend having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company on a regular basis to maximise the life of the carpet and to keep them looking and smelling their best. As a rough guide, light traffic areas should be cleaned every 18-24 months and heavy traffic areas such as stairways and hallways should be cleaned every 12-18 months. If you have long haired pets or allergy sufferers in the house, more regular cleans could be beneficial.

To get a carpet cleaning quote please complete our quick quote form and one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your requirements.

The Carpet Cleaning Method

This is a crucial step in the carpet cleaning process. It is really important to give the carpet a thorough vacuum all over before any cleaning products are added to the carpet. Failure to do this step will reduce the effectiveness of the rest of the cleaning process. Hoovering the carpet removes loose dirt and surface dust.
High traffic carpeted areas such as hallways and entrances can become heavily stained due to the extra use they get. It is important to pre-treat these areas along with any other stains to make sure that the extraction process is effective. We use a variety of professional pre-treatment cleaning sprays depending on the type of stains that are to be removed.
Once the pre-treatment is applied it is important to agitate the pile of the carpet to drive in the chemicals and help loosen any stubborn dirt. We use special carpet brushes to lift the carpets pile and drive in any pre-treatments used.
The extraction process involves our professional carpet cleaning machines. They spray hot water and cleaning solution into your carpet and a powerful vacuum sucks out the excess water along with all the embedded soil and allergens that were buried deep in your carpets pile. This process means that your carpets will dry more quickly and should be usable within just a few hours.
Once the extraction process is complete we assess the carpet. We will look for any stubborn stains that have not been fully removed and may apply a special post-clean treatment. We will then use a special hand-tool to work any problem areas. At this point we would also apply odour neutralisers if required.